With Feetsee, you can monitor your feet daily from the comfort of your home

By monitoring feet daily, we can help prevent complications, such as diabetic foot ulcers.

Daily self-check of the feet is highly recommended for people with diabetes and some other diseases.

Unfortunately, limited sight, mobility, or access to assistance may prevent some people from following this advice.

That’s why we created Feetsee, an empowering tool for patients to take better care of their health by monitoring their feet at home.

How does it work

Get prescription

Feetsee will be a prescription device, and will be made available from several physicians and select healthcare networks after approval and clearance for marketing

Download Feetsee app and get Feetsee hardware

Feetsee app is available for iOS and Android users, to be used in conjunction with Feetsee thermal and optical imaging device

Check feet daily

With the thermal imaging device connected to your smartphone/tablet you will be able to monitor your feet daily, receive monitoring results, and view your timeline

Connection to your physician

Feetsee provides information indicating when you and you healthcare provider should communicate for further evaluation and treatment

Take your daily check-up with you

A convenient and easy to carry Feetsee case is designed to help you keep up with your daily foot check-up routine when moving.

The case is lightweight and specially designed to keep Feetsee stand and Feetsee thermal device together in a safe and tidy way, making it easier to find, assemble, and use.