Monitor your patients' feet remotely

By remotely monitoring patients at risk for diabetic foot ulcers or other complications, Feetsee helps clinicians monitor patients’ foot temperatures and may reduce the need for treatment. Feetsee enables physicians to receive notifications when inflammation signs may have been detected, and when further inspection may be needed. The Feetsee device by Diabetis JSC is not yet approved or cleared for marketing.

Complications in patients’ feet are difficult to diagnose early, and even more difficult to treat.

Delayed diagnosis, treatment, and other factors may contribute to further complications of diabetic foot ulcers, which often lead to the need for surgical interventions and even amputations.

Feetsee is ‘additional eyes’ and a communication tool for doctors to better manage their patients’ health.

How does it work?

Prescribe Feetsee to your patients

Patients will be able to use self-monitor for signs of
inflammation at home

Get the results

Receive a notification when inflammation signs have been detected for a patient using Feetsee at home

Check your patients at the clinic

Use the Feetsee thermal camera to evaluate the
status of the feet